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Certificates of Innocence Require That Petitioners Prove Innocence of All Charges

Summary of Thomas Warner’s Case and Appeals The news is full of people who have had the charges dropped against them by the state because of bad evidence, recanting witnesses and, at times, even police misconduct. Most people think once they have... Continue reading →

Legislators Broaden “Clear and Present Danger” Criteria for Firearm Licenses

In the wake of the Highland Park shooting, Illinois legislators are hoping to close the gap in the red flag laws that allowed the suspect to get a firearms permit despite previous signs of emotional instability and run-ins with the police in 2019.... Continue reading →

Amid Mass Shootings, Federal and State Gun Laws Grow More Strict

In recent high-profile mass shootings in Buffalo, NY, Uvalde, TX, and Highland Park, IL, the shooter was able to bypass red flag laws and other restrictions on purchasing weapons that should have ostensibly prevented the shootings. Since these... Continue reading →