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Highly Recommend Glasgow & Olsson

Thomas is an extremely skilled attorney who works very hard for his clients. I would highly recommend.

Dominic B.

Shining Examples of Attorneys

Glasgow and & Olsson care deeply about their clients. They want the best outcome for their clients. They work hard for their clients, and it shows. Even after my case was over, I am able to go to Mr. Glasgow if I have a legal question and he will ethically tell me if I need representation or not. G & O are very ethical and are not out for people’s money. They are super ethical attorney’s that want good for people. I know sometimes lawyers have a bad rep, but G & O are shining examples of attorneys. I just wish they worked in every state.

Neha W.


Tom Glasgow and his team are Topnotch. Tom helped us with a very complicated case. He is so knowledgeable, and personable. He works passionately, to provide a first class service, to his clients, and it shows! He is well respected, and my family Highly Recommend him.

Lisa M. 

The Best Professional In The Area

I cannot begin to describe just how helpful Thomas Glasgow and his team was. He met with me 1 day after contacting him regarding my case. He was direct and honest with his expectations from me as a client and took care of the rest. His responsiveness to all my questions was quick and diligent. I felt as though I had hired the best professional in the area. His presence is felt in every room he walks into and his results are that of a true expert in the field. Thank you for everything.


Top Notch

Tom Glasgow and his team are Top Notch. Tom helped us with a very complicated case. He is so knowledgeable, and personable. He works passionately to provide a first class service to his clients, and it shows! He is well respected and my family Highly Recommends him.

Lisa M.

After Hearing Thomas’ Expert Presentation, The Judge Found Me Not Guilty

If you are reading this you are probably feeling stressed and anxious either for yourself or someone you love. I understand. My story: because Illinois has no look back period for old DUIs, even those more than thirty years old, I was in a panic when I was stopped in August 2019. Looking for the very best lawyer to represent me, I painstakingly researched attorneys online and met with several in person. At my first meeting with Thomas Glasgow I was impressed with his expertise and experience. He was forthright about my alternatives: because of the long ago DUI’s, either I would serve significant prison time or be acquitted. No middle ground. However, he was also confident that he could help me. His first recommendation was to contest the summary suspension of my license and against my expectations he succeeded in overturning it. Because of COVID and other delays, it would take another 12 months before the DUI trial would take place. During this prolonged and anxious time Thomas was attentive to all my questions and concerns and always treated me with respect and understanding. At trial Thomas’ years of experience were plain to see. His questioning of the arresting officers was highly organized and thorough. His demeanor was tough but polite. After hearing Thomas’ expert presentation and seeing the body cam video, the judge found me not guilty. I highly recommend Thomas Glasgow of Glasgow and Olsson. Thomas saved me. He has a combination of quality human traits and impressive legal skills which set him far above most in his profession.


Instilled Confidence In a Challenging Situation

Tom was highly recommended by a personal friend (another attorney) to assist me in a civil matter. Tom took the time to get to know me and my situation, and it was very clear from the beginning that he had my best interests at heart. I felt very comfortable with his demeanor, expertise and most importantly his compassionate approach. Tom was always available when needed and instilled confidence as I dealt with a challenging situation. I highly recommend Tom for any legal needs. He is amazing attorney with a kind heart.


Exceeded Every Expectation

If I could give him a million stars I would. Tom Glasgow exceeded every expectation I had regarding my case. Like most in any type of legal situation I was terrified with no idea of what to do and then I met Tom. From day one Tom made it a point to establish

 a level of confidence in his ability to represent me as a client. This was done with his genuine personality and overall love for his career as an attorney. Both him and his team were with me every step of the way, they took the time to walk me through the next steps of my case and thoroughly explain every detail as we went. This allowed me to establish a level of trust and reassurance with his team. Ultimately, I knew that at the end of the day they had my back and never once made me concerned or question his legal capabilities. Overall Tom and his team made me feel like an extremely valued client and will ALWAYS recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in a legal situation similar to mine. 

Rebecca C.

High Integrity

Higher integrity I have never known. Attorneys with better experience you will not find.

Stephen S.

Researched Numerous Attorneys…I Recommend Glasgow & Olsson

When faced with an accidental, yet legal matter this past year, I researched numerous attorneys in the Chicagoland area. In the end, I chose Glasgow and Olsson to handle my case. Probably the best move I could have made. Thomas Glasgow and his team were extremely professional and capable in their craft. Glasgow and Olsson did not disappoint and proved once again that it pays to do your homework. I would recommend Glasgow and Olsson to anyone looking for representation in a legal matter.

Scott G.

Above & Beyond My Expectations

I’ve never felt unsure of the outcome of any case Tom and Stephanie have represented me in. Genuine, yet tenacious attorneys with a plethora of knowledge. They have gone above and beyond all my expectations with both traffic and family court. Don’t go with any one else but this firm.

Samantha L.

Has Done Miracles

Tom has been there for my family for somewhere around 4 to 5 years now as our lawyer. He has helped my family legally multiple times and from what a can tell has done miracles. I respect him and his knowledge more than I can say and trust him for that. The best thing I can say about Thomas Glasgow is that he is the kind of lawyer that truly cares about his clients and what’s best for them. I have personally seen him go above and beyond multiple times than what he even remotely had to. He is extremely prompt responding to you and is very efficient with his cases. He also has a heart of gold but is blunt with you on what to expect and how outcomes truly look. He’s not just another lawyer looking to make as much money as possible. He puts his clients best interest ahead of anything else.


Honest & Compassionate

This review is for both Mr. Glasgow and Ms. Olsson. Mr. Glasgow met with me prompty and took the time to explain everything, even addressing my worries about costs and advised how to effectively use my retainer without charging me for that first meeting. They were both there for me as my divorce took an emotional turn and provided the best guidance within the bounds of the law. Both attorneys are not only honest professionals but also compassionate individuals who made a challenging process more manageable.



Appreciate Both Your Expertise And Gentle Manner

Please know I’m a grateful mom and appreciate both your expertise and gentle manner communicating with our daughter and all you achieved on her behalf.

Mary M. 

Thank You For All You Have Done

Mr. Glasgow, I want to thank you for all you have done for our son. I have been praying for years that I can get past this and you have done that for me. It was a pleasure knowing you. All my prayers have been answered. You have a wonderful day and thank you again.

Gail V.

Tom Is Great To Work With

I appreciate your services.
Thanks A LOT Tom!! You were great to work with.

Jamie M.

Awesome Attorneys

Glasgow & Olsson are awesome attorneys.

Dan N.

Pure Excellence

Tom is a very knowledgeable, experienced, and professional attorney. At all of our meetings, he showed pure excellence. He was very honest with me about what would happen and my consequences. I greatly appreciated this. He even purchased a copy of my book that I wrote to tell my story of hitting rock bottom and then becoming a success story. I would not have the privileges I have now without Tom. I HIGHLY recommend him!


Helped Me Realize I’m Not Defined By One Mistake

My lawyer is a kind man who helped me eventually realize my life did not have to be from here on out defined by this mistake. I still keep in touch with him and he continues to help me succeed in life.



Glasgow & Olsson Is The Best Legal Team To Represent You

If you are looking for: Exceptional legal leadership, a cohesive and collaborative team who are meticulous in detail, trustworthy, loyal, hard working, and approach cases with tenacity; then Glasgow & Olsson is the best legal team to represent you.

Mark J.

His Professionalism and Knowledge Will Put You At Ease

The first meeting with Tom I was at ease with his professionalism and knowledge. The communication throughout the entire process was excellent as well with his staff. I highly recommend Tom with any of your legal needs.

Casey D.

Marvelous Lawyer & Great Person

Working with Mr. Glasgow was a pleasure and a breeze. He is extremely professional and an expert in his work. He is not just a marvelous lawyer but also a great person who cares deeply about his clients! We were also very pleased with his staff and their promptness and professionalism.


Tom will never let you down!

Tom Glasgow is amazing. He has handled several criminal expungement and professional licensing matters for me. Each case had a great result, and I have Attorney Glasgow to thank for that. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing help in criminal law, expungements, and administrative matters. Tom will never let you down!


Tom Backs It Up

I was very upset about my case and doubting my current attorney when I contacted Tom and his firm. He took time out of his day to talk me off the ledge and helped me to see things in a clearer light and from my attorney’s perspective. He spoke with me nearly 25 minutes when he didn’t have to. Additionally, he called me back FIRST thing in the morning. I did not hire Glasgow & Olsson only because of Tom’s honesty integrity and advice. However, based on this experience I wouldn’t hesitate to refer someone to them. The fact that he advised me to stick with my current attorney instead of just taking my money tells you everything you need to know about him! They are trust worthy hardworking and Tom is very sharp and I could tell from even just a short conversation he had a ton of experience from the nuanced perspective he has on things. Very impressed with Tom. I expect his colleague to be just as exceptional. You get what you pay for in attorneys…but Tom backs it up. His knowledge of judges, other attorneys, the system in general is unmatched in all the conversations I’ve had with various attorneys over the years.


His Legal Knowledge Is Second to None

I hired Attorney Tom Glasgow to help me seal a case in DuPage County that had created a incredible burden on my life, both personally and professionally. In reality nobody knew the truth about the case or the evidence that pointed to my exoneration. That all changed when Tom Glasgow was able to present the case the Court. He carefully reviewed my case, looked at all the key evidence, and insured the Court knew the evidence too. His legal knowledge is second to none, and he is an expert in the law. After a series of hearings, the Court granted my petition to seal those records. I have Tom Glasgow to thank for that. I would certainly hire Attorney Glasgow again or refer anyone to him who is in need of legal help. Thank you so much, Tom!

B.J. S

He Is Top-Notch

Thomas Glasgow and team are a wonderful attorney team. They were swift and responsive to the cases I brought them. Even during the pandemic they were able to keep me informed. I would recommend them to anybody who might be dealing with issues with the law or anything in terms of that. If I could give him 10 stars I definitely would. He is top-notch and his associates are the best too!


Tom & Stephanie Are An Amazing Team

Tom is an amazing attorney and so attentive to smallest details as well as the big problems.  He and Stephanie are an amazing team.  Your whole office does good work.  Thank you!


Removed The Stress and Anxiety

Very professional and personable! Exceeded my expectations on the overall outcome of my case. I was very pleased with my representation. Removed the stress and anxiety from the formal process. Reassuring and straight forward the entire way from start to finish. 10/10 would recommend to friends and family for potential future representation.

Ryan H.

You Can Rest Assured

Couldn’t be more happier and satisfied with having Tom and Stephanie handling my case. They were very responsive whenever I needed them and they were always able to explain my options to me in the easiest possible way. Their adroitness helped me get the needed outcome in my case. You can rest assured you are in good hands with them. Mental peace was what I felt the most working with them as they showed a personal connection that is usually missing.

Sushant B.

Worth His Weight in Gold

Thomas is worth more than his weight in Gold. Not many challenge themselves like he does to earn these accolades.

I Highly Recommend Mr. Glasgow

Mr. Glasgow is one of the most professional attorneys I know. He goes above and beyond to communicate with his clients. He is very clear about what to expect from the beginning. He is passionate, understanding, honest and makes himself available to his clients. I highly recommend Mr. Glasgow to anyone who is in need for legal counseling.

Roula C.

Fantastic Lawyer with Top-Legal Skills

I hired Tom Glasgow and his firm to seal some criminal cases out of Cook County. The charges were very serious, and although I was not convicted of those charges, I knew it would still be an uphill battle in court. During the two years my case was pending, Tom never wavered in his complete dedication to seeing a positive outcome for me. He has excellent legal skills and knew exactly how best to present my case to the judge. He presented the court with a detailed packet of my background and information that undermined the charges filed against me. The judge granted my petition to seal those arrest records. My family and I are grateful to Attorney Glasgow and his firm for everything they did on my behalf. Because of Tom Glasgow, what I believed was a nearly impossible feat turned into a reality for me. I highly endorse and recommend Tom Glasgow for criminal matters and sealings/expungements. Thank you, Tom!


I Could Not Recommend a More Caring and Competent Attorney

I could not recommend a more caring and competent attorney. I had the experience of using Mr. Glasgow for three separate matters, and he was superb on all of them.

Peter R.

They treat you with the utmost respect.

He explains your case in detail and takes the time to make sure you understand. They all treat you with the utmost respect. Great people.

Anna S.

I am Forever Thankful.., That I Hired Mr. Glasgow

I got my life back thanks to Thomas Glasgow.   I was facing a potential second DUI and was challenged with the daunting task of finding a lawyer who I could trust.  After reviewing hundreds of lawyers in my area, I took the recommendation of a friend to contact Mr. Glasgow – and I am forever thankful that I did.  Mr. Glasgow was able to skillfully prove my innocence and have all of my charges dropped for both the DMV and criminal hearing, which I hear is a near impossible outcome.  He exceeded my expectations in every aspect of the case.  Mr. Glasgow is an upstanding individual who truly cares about his clients and has a passion for what he does, which are comforting qualities during this incredibly stressful process.    His courtroom presence is simply excellent – very confident, thorough, and respectful yet aggressive.  It was quite amazing to stand next to him during the cross examination of the arresting officer.  His questions were direct and skillfully used to discredit the testimony of the officer. I couldn’t ask for a better individual to represent me.  If you are looking for the best chance of winning your case, don’t waste time and please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Glasgow.  Thanks again Mr. Glasgow.


They Aren’t Just Legal Representation

The law office of Mr. Glasgow and his partner Stephanie Olsson went above and beyond our expectations. Their patience and knowledge is incredible. Not only were they able to help us with our situation they did it with integrity and our well being in mind above all else. From the first visit we knew we had made the best choice in legal representation. If you take your life, problem, situation or however serious it may be I highly suggest you go with their law office. They aren’t just legal representation they are caring and grounded human beings that will stop at nothing to win for you! I cannot express my gratitude enough! I am very thankful we met them and will always stick with them if any legal representation is needed!


Extremely Skilled Attorney

Thomas is an extremely skilled attorney who works very hard for his clients. I would highly recommend him.


His cool calm and collective demeanor are a welcoming comfort

Thomas’s knowledge and experience along with his cool calm and collective demeanor are truly a welcoming comfort when facing the stress of legal troubles. Thank you.


Don’t go with any one else but this firm!

I’ve never felt unsure of the outcome of any case Tom and Stephanie have represented me in. Genuine, yet tenacious attorneys with a plethora of knowledge. They have gone above and beyond all my expectations with both traffic and family court. Don’t go with any one else but this firm!


BEST attorney I have EVER met!

Thomas Glasgow is absolutely the BEST attorney I have EVER met! Regardless of your legal issue, you must see him first. His sincere care for his clients, compassion, understanding, communication, knowledge, analytical mind, negotiating skills and unwavering perseverance is supreme.


Mr. Glasgow is a phenomenal attorney

We hired Mr. Glasgow to help my son. My son was facing some possible serious consequences. Mr. Glasgow told my son he would help him and he really came through. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of my son’s case. Mr. Glasgow is a phenomenal attorney and we would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone needing legal help.


I trust this law firm 100% with even the most personal of matters

Mr. Glasgow and his staff got right to work as soon as I reached out to them. From the beginning, Tom took charge and never looked back. He was direct and forward with his expectations from me as a client and took care of the rest. His commanding presence can be felt in every room he walks into and he uses his expertise to benefit every client he sees. I trust this law firm 100% with even the most personal of matters. Thank you so much for your help.


I want tell everyone out there… he has exceeded all expectations

Tom has been our lawyer for many years now for multiple reasons…and I want tell everyone out there that not only can this man do his job well he has exceeded all expectations. He not only takes care of your legal matters but he truly cares about his clients and their families. There are not enough words and thank yous in the world to say for what he has done for us and I feel truly blessed that we found him!!!!


Compassionate and honest this is the firm you need to call

If you need a caring attorney who is compassionate and honest this is the firm you need to call. Nicest most caring attorney I have ever met.


I can’t begin to say how lucky I am to have Mr. Glasgow for my attorney

Write something… I can’t begin to say how lucky I am to have Mr. Glasgow for my attorney. That goes for all his staff too!


If you need help with a DUI case he is the person to call!!

In March of this year I was pulled over and arrested for DUI. I felt that is was unfair seeing I was just being honest with the officer. He pulled me over for speeding around 11:00 PM and asked where I was coming from and I told him. He then asked if I had been drinking and I informed his yes. I gave him the rest of the details and he had me do the field tests that he felt I failed. When he got me to the station and had me blow into the machine it was a .080 on the money.

I new that I would need an attorney and was referred to Thomas Glasgow. He interviewed me and gave me the plan of attack no guarantees but he felt confident. His firm handled my case with professionalism far above the norm in the industry. His staff (Yolanda Rosas and Danielle Cary) is top notch and treats you like family. Mr. Glasgow recommended that I have an Expert witness help on our case. His name was DR. Hensen and he helped clarify the machines limitations. This was one of the key factors of my case.

So after five months of court dates I was found NOT GUILTY by the judge. I’m convinced this was do the efforts of Thomas Glasgow and his team of professionals.
If you need help with a DUI case he is the person to call!!


The law offices of Thomas Glasgow is unequivocally remarkable

Out of state business professional stopped by troopers while paying toll at toll both and ultimately charged with DUI on Schaumburg, IL interstate. This charge put me in a life- changing situation and with no time to waste, I needed immediate professional counsel. I found Mr. Glasgow online and saw that his offices had outstanding client feedback. Gave Mr. Glasgow’s office a call and immediately felt like I was in good hands after the free consultation. Communication, expertise and consistency are 3 qualities this firm has mastered. In a legal crisis those qualities are essential. Anytime I called or emailed Mr. Glasgow’s office during the course of my case, I received immediate honest answers and understanding to the current status of my case. We went to trial and Judge ruled not guilty. Very satisfied with the outcome of my court case. I highly recommend Mr. Glasgow and his firm. Thanks again.


Tom’s team is THE BEST

In a world of chaos, pain, survival of the fittest and ever increasing crime… it is critical not to just protect yourself with tools but also with the right people on your team. My choice is Glasgow & Olsson. His impeccable track record & experience makes him untouchable. With an empathetic heart, shoulder to cry on, he listens and will help you through the worst & best of times. I highly recommend him for retainment if you have a CCL, need to create a trust/will/prenuptial/power of attorney/etc., opening a business, going through a separation or custody battle or if you were involved in a crime-DUI, murder, etc. Tom’s team is THE BEST. You are welcome to use me as a referral!