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We Take Cases to Trial

If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer to simply arrange a plea bargain in your case, then we are not the lawyers for you. In fact, the only time we even consider plea bargains is if it is in our client’s best interest. We pride ourselves on being proactive lawyers. We investigate cases, litigate pretrial motions and try bench and jury trials. If necessary, we will stand by your side through all post-trial motions and appeals.

At Glasgow & Olsson, our philosophy is simple: You don’t win cases if you don’t try them.

Cook County Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have been charged with a crime, your life, liberty and property may be at stake. To meet the daunting challenges you face, you need a Schaumburg criminal defense lawyer who is willing to fight to protect your interests. At the Schaumburg, Illinois, law office of Glasgow & Olsson, we have helped thousands of people in the Chicago area, including those charged with the following crimes:

We know the system. We win cases for our clients because we refuse to step aside and let the government run over our clients. Attorney Thomas Glasgow is a former prosecutor with the Cook County State’s Attorney, having experience in the Felony, Traffic, Narcotics and Juvenile Divisions. As a published author and commentator, Mr. Glasgow is a sought after professional who knows the law and understands the process. Hire a defense attorney today by contacting us at 847.577.8700.

Drug Charges in Cook County, Illinois

A conviction for possession of marijuana, cocaine or any other controlled substance can affect all areas of your life including your education and employment. The defense attorneys at Glasgow & Olsson are committed to staying on top of current legislation in order to help individuals overcome the challenges of an arrest on drug charges. We will delve into every aspect of your case in order to develop the most strategic, aggressive defense.

Innovative Rolling Meadows DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers

As attorneys, we are committed to providing the highest quality legal representation. This means that we are willing to look at new, innovative ways to represent you in your DUI or criminal case. By staying on top of the latest laws and tactics, we can explore every avenue available to build a solid defense.

Schaumburg Divorce Attorney

Aggressive Litigation to Get Results You Need to Move Forward

Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult experiences in a person’s life. At Glasgow & Olsson, our divorce clients receive the understanding, compassion and legal guidance to get them through the process and move on with their lives. Our divorce attorneys prepare our clients for all possible outcomes, empower them to stand up for their rights and develop a strategy that protects their interests.

If you are considering filing for divorce or your spouse has already filed, contact Glasgow & Olsson today. The sooner our team is working on your behalf, the sooner you will get to resolution.

Other Areas of Law

In addition to criminal defense, we also represent clients in civil and family law matters such as child custody disputes and paternity actions.

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