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If you have been accused of fraudulently using a credit card, or stealing someone’s identity, you should take immediate legal action. These are serious crimes that could result in serious penalties, including a lengthy jail sentence, large fines, and probation.

Glasgow & Olsson defends clients charged with these and other white collar crimes throughout Chicagoland. You can learn more about your specific defense options by contacting a Schaumburg credit card fraud defense attorney from our firm.

Understanding Your Charges

Glasgow & Olsson defends clients charged with a range of white collar crimes including:

  • Credit card fraud — In today’s electronic age, credit card fraud most often involves electronically obtaining credit card numbers and using them to make purchases — as opposed to actually stealing a credit card.
  • Identity theft — When one person assumes the identity of another with the intent of using that individual’s personal information for personal or financial gain, he or she may be charged with identity theft.

Whether you are under investigation for credit card fraud or identity theft, or if you have already been formally charged, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. While it is certainly more beneficial to get an attorney involved during the initial stages of the investigation, there may be solid defense options available at any stage of the case. The Schaumburg credit card fraud defense attorneys at our firm are experienced at identifying these critical issues and developing a defense that keeps each client’s personal and professional goals and objectives in mind.

Contact a Hoffman Estates Identity Theft Lawyer

We offer a free consultation where we can explain your charges and legal options. The earlier you contact us, the sooner we can begin working proactively on your behalf. Call 847.577.8700 to speak to a Schaumburg credit card fraud defense attorney.

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