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After the alleged victim makes a complaint of domestic violence or another violent act, an immediate petition for an order of protection is filed. Then, a few days or weeks following the initial issuance of the order of protection, a hearing is held to determine whether the order of protection should be made permanent. At this critical stage, the recipient of the order of protection can be represented by an attorney, who can work to address the allegations of domestic violence and restrictions imposed through the order of protection.

If a civil or criminal order of protection has been issued against you, there are steps that can be taken early in the case to minimize the effects on your life and family. At Glasgow & Olsson, we are experienced attorneys who can help you address all issues relating to your order of protection. Contact a Schaumburg civil order of protection attorney to learn more.

 Civil Orders of Protection vs. Criminal Orders of Protection in Illinois

An individual who intends to file criminal charges against another (for domestic violence, assault, or another offense) can also obtain a criminal order of protection against the accused. If an individual is not intending to file criminal charges against another, but is still seeking legal protection, he or she can file a civil order of protection against the alleged aggressor.

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