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Parenting Agreement Attorneys Assist Clients in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago

When a couple that has children decides to part ways, this often results in many drastic life changes for the entire family. Fortunately, the process of separating one household into two can have a positive outcome for both parents and children, if it is approached in a careful and creative manner.

The experienced Schaumburg child custody attorneys at Glasgow & Olsson have helped many clients to obtain custody agreements that meet their needs and the needs of their children. Our caring and compassionate lawyers have used their problem-solving skills to help many clients resolve their child custody issues through negotiation or mediation. In cases where our clients have been unable to resolve their child custody disputes through negotiation or mediation, we have served as strong and effective advocates for them in resolving their child custody matters through litigation.

Negotiation and Mediation of Child Custody Disputes

Our lawyers can work with you to deftly negotiate or mediate a child custody agreement that will address the concerns and needs of all parties involved. If you are concerned that negotiation will not work because of the level of conflict in your situation, you can take comfort in knowing that once parents begin working with attorneys, negotiation of a mutually acceptable child custody agreement is often possible, even in high-conflict relationships.

Each family is unique. When parents are able to design a child custody agreement that takes their work schedules, their children’s school schedules, family and community activities, and the children’s ages and developmental needs into account, everybody wins. Child custody agreements that parents develop through negotiation or mediation work much better for the families that developed them than would most court-issued custody orders.

Litigation of Child Custody Matters

There are times when negotiation does not produce a mutually acceptable child custody agreement. If your child custody or other family law case must be litigated, the skilled attorneys at Glasgow & Olsson will present a solid case in support of your position. Our litigation experience gives us a strong presence as effective advocates for our clients in the courtroom.

Helping Parents with Child Custody Cases in Illinois

If you have minor children and you are planning to pursue an Illinois divorce, a child custody attorney can help you to obtain a child custody agreement that meets your unique needs. Contact the experienced Schaumburg child custody lawyers at Glasgow & Olsson at 847.577.8700 to arrange an initial consultation.