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posted on 1/8/22

At the start of a new year, a Chicago businessman decides to head to the gun range to try out his new Sig Sauer that he got for Christmas. He has been here many times before and decides to concealed carry his new gun while getting some lunch before heading to the range. When he pays for lunch, a waitress sees the gun and gets scared, calling the police. He learns that his concealed carry license has been automatically suspended because his FOID card has been suspended due to new changes in Illinois law for 2022.

If you are a firearm owner in Illinois, it is important that you understand the new changes that have been made to the FOID Law and Conceal Carry process so that you can avoid any unexpected charges, penalties, or difficulties.

New FOID and CCL Cards

New changes to the FOID cards will start on January 1, 2022. The Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau (FSB) recently announced that there would be two significant changes to the FOID card process that will attempt to make the process simpler. First, new FOID cards will be printed without any expiration dates. Every time Illinois issues a new FOID card, a combined FOID and concealed carry license card will be issued as long as the cardholder has a valid concealed carry license.

However, if the FOID card has been suspended, and the cardholder also has a concealed carry license, the concealed carry license will not be suspended until the state has reinstated the FOID card. If the FOID card is reinstated, the concealed carry license will be automatically reinstated. When a person’s concealed carry license has been suspended or revoked, but he or she is still eligible for a FOID card, the person will keep the combined card. The status of the concealed carry license will show up as revoked or suspended in the Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS)

Auto-Renewal of Expired FOID Cards

As of January 1st, 2022, a person’s FOID card will be automatically renewed if it expires during the license term. If your card expires, you will not have to pay the renewal fee. You will still be sent a new combined FOID card and concealed carry license. Neither card will have an issue end or expiration date. Even though the license and card will be renewed automatically, we do not recommend failing to pay the renewal fee.

Discuss Your FOID or Concealed Carry License Issue With a Skilled Attorney

If you are unsure of your FOID card or concealed carry license status and are concerned about potential charges and fines, we recommend discussing the case with one of our experienced attorneys. Likewise, if you want to reinstate your FOID card or license, we can help you do so. Our law firm stays on top of all recent developments to help responsible firearm owners understand and enforce their rights. Contact Glasgow & Olsson today to schedule your initial consultation to learn how our legal team can fight for your rights if you have been charged with a crime.