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posted on 11/20/22

Stalking No Contact Orders are designed to protect individuals from stalkers or abusers who are outside of their household, family, or circle of close relations. Consequently, you may wonder what this article is about: how could a stalking no contact order affect child custody? Well, you may not often consider it, but SNC orders go onto your criminal record, and if one is taken out against you, it does not tend to increase people’s sense of trust and respect for you. As a result, if you are battling for child custody in a relationship unrelated to the petitioner of an SNC, you can still be affected by the order in that situation. Depending on the situation leading to the SNC, your ability to hold custody of children may even be directly limited under the terms of the order.

Can a Stalking No Contact Order Affect My Custody in Unrelated Relationships?

The answer to this question is undoubtedly yes. Courts have the ultimate authority over the terms of your parenting agreement. Courts will consider your character, your past, and your current job situation when deciding how and when you can see your children. Ultimately, the court will do everything to support the well-being of the children above all else. This means that if you have engaged in unscrupulous behavior or look to have engaged in unscrupulous behavior unbecoming of a parent, you will have a difficult custody battle before you.

Can a Stalking No Contact Order Affect My Custody Directly?

Depending on what you have done to have an SNC order taken out against you, it is possible for the judge to restrict your right to custody of a child. Generally, this would mean that an order was filed on behalf of a child, throwing your ability to responsibly care for a child into question. Direct prohibition of child custody in an SNC is rare, however. Nonetheless, it is important to do everything you can to remain in a position to care for your child. This means defending against the SNC in the first place, tooth and nail. SNCs can affect your employability, reputation in divorce cases, and eligibility for some programs. If you have already been issued a stalking no contact order, make sure to contact us soon to find out what you can do to have it vacated or dismissed.

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