Ancillary Effects of an Order of Protection

Orders of protection have direct effects on the freedom of a respondent by placing direct limitations on their conduct. The “terms” of the order of protection are up to the discretion of the judge and may be wide-ranging and possibly unorthodox. Respondents may be required to stay further than a certain distance from a certain person or a certain place. They may be required to refrain from making attempts to contact the petitioner. Respondents may be required to join a registry or prohibited from continuing employment at a workplace that is shared with the petitioner. These restrictions are broad, but they are all considered to be primary effects of an order of protection.

Ancillary effects of an order of protection refer to those effects which are not explicitly written down in the order of protection itself. These may include the consequences of an order of protection on a criminal record, the law prohibiting respondents of orders of protection from eligibility to various programs, or influence on custody or other issues stemming from an order of protection. This article will briefly review various ancillary effects of an order of protection.

Custody Issues

Even if you do not face any immediate consequences, having an Order of Protection on your record will not help your cause in the future. Child Custody is the legal term given to the right and responsibility to make decisions about your child. A court decides who will have custody of a child and under what circumstances. The court will take into account many factors, including your history, character, and current situation. If you have behaved in an unbecoming manner or appear to behave in an unbecoming manner, you will have a difficult time gaining child custody.

Impact on Your Right to Bear Arms

Persons who have had a restraining order taken out against them are not permitted to bear arms anywhere in the United States. This means that if you have a valid FOID card, it will be revoked upon having an order of protection taken out against you. The right to bear arms is a fundamental American right, but it is one that is severely limited by an order of protection. Those who have had judgments of restraining orders against them are impacted in a variety of ways and are not considered to have the full rights of a general citizen.

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