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posted on 3/7/23

A DUI can lead to shame and embarrassment as well as legal consequences, such as the revocation of your driver’s license. At Glasgow & Olsson, our Schaumburg DUI defense lawyers have helped thousands of people throughout Illinois meet the challenges of a DUI arrest. 

What is a DUI? 

Driving a motor vehicle under the influence (DUI), meaning a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or more, is illegal. BAC is a measurement of the amount of alcohol in your system, which can be tested through a breathalyzer, urine, or blood sample. 

What are the Consequences of DUI in Illinois? 

A first-time DUI is a Class A misdemeanor which is punishable with a driver’s license revocation for at least one year. If the BAC was .16 or more, in addition to a driver’s license revocation, there is a mandatory minimum fine of $500 and a minimum of 100 hours of community service. 

A second conviction is punishable by a mandatory minimum imprisonment of five days or 240 hours of community service. Also, revocation of a driver’s license for a minimum of five years. There are additional penalties if the offense was committed with a BAC of .16 or more. For those situations, there is a mandatory minimum imprisonment of two days and a fine of $1,250. 

The consequences continue to get more serious for subsequent third, fourth, and fifth convictions. After a sixth DUI, it is classified as a Class X felony which results in a revocation of driving privileges for life. Further, if committed with a BAC of .16 or more, in addition to penalties the court can enforce, there is a mandatory minimum fine of $5,000. 

How Can Glasgow & Olsson Help? 

A DUI is a serious charge, and an experienced attorney can help defend against this charge in several ways: 

  • Legal advice and guidance – A DUI lawyer can explain the legal process and advise you of your options with your case. Our lawyers have handled over 8 thousand DUIs and written Illinois DUI manuals that are followed by Prosecutors and private attorneys throughout the state.  We can help you understand the charges against you and how to defend against those charges. 
  • Negotiate with prosecutors – A lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce charges against you, secure a plea for reduced charges, and facilitate discovery and scheduling. 
  • Investigation – As defense lawyers, we will investigate the case against you. The main purpose of this is to identify flaws in the state’s evidence and begin to create legal arguments on your behalf. For example, an investigation could lead to finding out the police did not have probable cause to pull you over or the breathalyzer test was not properly administered. 
  • Court representation – Court can be an overwhelming and complicated process, having a lawyer to walk you through the legal system and argue on your behalf can take some of that stress away. 

If you need representation for a criminal charge, such as a DUI, in Cook County, Glasgow & Olsson is uniquely qualified to help. When you need an attorney, experience matters. Contact us today to learn how our experience can get you the results you deserve.