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Getting A Divorce in Lake Forest Due To Irreconcilable Differences
posted on 1/16/24

Just imagine that you are living in Lake Forest and have been married for five years. And, your marriage is, unfortunately, going poorly; you no longer get along with your spouse, and it’s clear that things are not going to change.

You would like to obtain a divorce, and as the state of Illinois relies on the “no-fault” divorce model, you know that you can do so with relative ease. But you want to obtain a good post-divorce outcome, especially given all that you’ve put into this marriage.

Going over what you can do to obtain this good outcome and speaking with a Lake Forest family law attorney at Glasgow & Olsson will allow you to begin the New Year with a fresh start.

Can You Get A Divorce Due To Irreconcilable Differences?

The answer to the question above is “Yes.” In fact, Illinois is a no-fault state, which means that a spouse can, after several conditions are met, say that their marriage has “irreconcilable differences” and obtain a divorce.

Regarding the “several conditions” part, the conditions that must be met are as follows:

  • A breakdown in the marriage that no efforts of reconciliation have been able to mend.
  • A separation period of at least six months, where the two spouses live apart.
  • Or alternatively, a separation period where the two spouses still live together.
  • A breakdown in the marriage that it would not be in the best efforts of the family to reconcile.

If one of these conditions is present, then two spouses can divorce one another with very little difficulty. 

What Happens To Your Marital Assets?

Every single one of the assets that you and your spouse share will be distributed in an “equitable” manner.

Or, at least, that is the basic idea, although certain factors can greatly affect this distribution.

The term “equitable distribution” refers to a distribution of marital assets that is fair, if not entirely equal.

Just as an example, if one spouse stayed home and raised the kids while the other spouse worked, then the spouse who raised the kids may be entitled to more since they sacrificed their career and may not be able to find work.

Given the flexibility inherent in equitable distribution, it is of the utmost importance that you work with an attorney who can make an effective case for the marital assets you would like to obtain.

How Can You Obtain The Best Possible Outcome?

Right away, the best thing you can do to obtain the best possible outcome is to work with an attorney.

A good attorney will sort out all of the paperwork associated with your divorce. 

Outside of those formalities, though, there are several other aspects of the divorce you may need to contend with: property distribution, child support, maintenance, and child custody.

Child support, as well as child custody, will not need to be dealt with if you do not have children. But, the other aspects of your divorce will likely need to be dealt with.

You can work with your attorney to clarify the facts of your marriage and, in turn, your goals regarding what you would like to obtain after the divorce is finalized.

Just as an example, if you would like to obtain maintenance, then you can clarify this desire as well as what type of maintenance you would like to receive.

You can also provide evidence that supports the need for this type of maintenance.

The same process applies to other aspects of your divorce, such as child support and child custody, among others.

Obtain Qualified Legal Help Today

If you would like to obtain a divorce in Illinois, then Glasgow & Olsson is uniquely qualified to assist you.

When you need an attorney, experience matters.

Speak with one of our Lake Forest divorce attorneys at Glasgow & Olsson today, and we will help you obtain the best possible divorce outcome.