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Conspiracy To Murder
posted on 4/9/24

You are not a criminal. And, the charges being levied against you are false. But even though this is the case, a conspiracy to murder charge is significant, and without the proper defense, you can receive a hefty sentence.

Going over what a conspiracy to murder charge means for you and speaking with a federal criminal defense lawyer who can help will allow you to protect your innocence.

What Is Conspiracy To Commit Murder?

A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal act, coupled with a genuine intention to achieve the unlawful goal of this agreement. 

Right before a conspiracy can be charged, in most contexts, at least one person involved in the conspiracy must make an overt act that furthers the conspiracy.

Just as an example, if two people are being charged with conspiracy to commit bank robbery, then one person can purchase a gun to further that particular goal, which affirms that they have a genuine intent to rob a bank.

On the other hand, if two people agree to rob a bank but never actually do anything to further that, then it is doubtful that they will be charged with a conspiracy to commit bank robbery.

Given the definitions outlined above, conspiracy to murder is when two or more people plot to commit murder and then take an overt act that furthers this conspiracy to commit murder.

If You Are Charged With Conspiracy To Murder, What Are The Consequences?

A conspiracy to murder can lead to the same consequences as a murder charge. And, with that particular fact in mind, the consequences of being charged with conspiracy to murder can be as follows:

  • A maximum prison sentence of life imprisonment if no murder actually occurred.
  • A maximum prison sentence of life imprisonment if a murder actually occurred.

Outside of the above, an individual can be given a prison sentence of years if a murder did occur or if it did not. 

A conspiracy to murder charge can also lead to fines, some form of forfeiture, and post-prison supervised release.

Given the vagueness of the facts outlined above, the exact consequences of a conspiracy to murder are dependent on the factors that make up one’s particular case.

No matter the facts of a conspiracy to commit murder case, though, the consequences will be severe.

Can A Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

To answer the above question, “Yes, a criminal defense attorney.” And some of the most notable ways a criminal defense attorney can help you are as follows:

  • Develop an effective defense for you.
  • Present your defense to the court.
  • Clarify the ways in which the charges against you are false.

Every single one of the above will allow you to protect your innocence.

Get Qualified Legal Help Today

You are not a criminal, and you do not deserve to be charged with conspiracy to murder. But, even so, though, you are going to need a good lawyer.

If you need representation for a federal criminal charge, Glasgow & Olsson is uniquely qualified to help. When you need an attorney experience matters, contact one of our Chicago federal criminal defense attorneys today to learn how our experience can get you the results you deserve.