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What Is Karina’s Bill?
posted on 5/12/24

A vast network of laws, rules, and regulations govern gun ownership in the state of Illinois. And, With that in mind, a new bill has been proposed. If it is passed, it will further govern and restrict gun ownership in the state of Illinois.

Going over what this new bill entails, and speaking with a Schaumburg weapons charges defense attorney who can protect your rights, will make it easier for you to use the rights/privileges you are entitled to. 

What Led To Karina’s Bill?

Right before we go overwhat, exactly, Karina’s Bill is, we must clarify what led to Karina’s Bill. 

If a person is receiving harassment or abuse from an individual close to them, they can obtain an Order Of Protection.

Every Order Of Protection contains rules and regulations regarding the individual and the ways in which they can – and, primarily, cannot – interact with the person whom they allegedly have harassed or been abusive towards.

Right within some Orders Of Protection, there is something called a “firearm remedy.”

A firearm remedy is a legal order that prevents someone who was served with an Order Of Protection from owning and/or possessing a firearm.

Just as an example, if someone files an Order Of Protection against you, then you may not be able to own or possess the guns that you already have for the period of time specified by that Order Of Protection.

Many firearm remedies are applied inconsistently, often leaving those who have been accused of harassment and/or abuse with firearms that, legally speaking, they should not own while the Order Of Protection is active.

What Is Karina’s Bill?

If a person with an Order Of Protection against them has access to a firearm, they can and sometimes do use that firearm against the person they are supposed to stay away from.

To ensure that those who have been accused of harassment/abuse do not have access to firearms, Karina’s Bill mandates the following:

  • A search warrant must be issued after an Order Of Protection, with a firearm remedy, has been granted.
  • The search warrant outlined above allows law enforcement to seize the firearms that the accused possesses.
  • Police officers must execute this warrant within 96 hours of it being filed.

If Karina’s Bill is passed and if you are accused of harassment/abuse, and an Order Of Protection is granted for the person who accuses you, the firearms you legally own can be seized by the police.

Can Karina’s Bill Make It More Difficult For You To Own Firearms?

The answer to the question outlined above is “Yes.”

If you are accused of harassment or abuse, and an Emergency Order Of Protection is filed against you, then you do not have the ability to defend yourself from the accusations against you.

The passing of Karina’s Bill means that your firearms, which you purchased legally and are entitled to own, will be seized. This will happen if an Emergency Order Of Protection coupled with a firearm remedy is filed against you.

Outside of the above, there is also the fact that it is unclear what may happen to your firearms.

Your firearms may be confiscated and then never returned, depending on what happens to your Order. Or, they may be destroyed, preventing them from ever returning to your possession.

No matter what happens, Karina’s Bill can, and will, make it more difficult for you  to keep your firearms. It will lead to the termination of ownership and posession of firearms that you have legally purchased.

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