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Sarah Merkatoris IICLE Certificate of Publication
posted on 7/3/24


**Glasgow & Olsson Applauds Accomplished Attorney Sarah Merkatoris as Valued Addition to Their Esteemed Legal Team**

**Chicago, IL – July 3, 2024** 

Glasgow & Olsson is proud of the continued success of Sarah Merkatoris, a distinguished attorney and DePaul Law School alumna, as their latest addition to our legal team. Sarah brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in various areas of law, making her an invaluable asset to our firm and clients.

Sarah’s legal journey began at the University of Wisconsin, where she graduated with honors and received her Law degree at DePaul Law School. Her career quickly gained momentum as she served as a municipal prosecutor, honing her skills in courtroom litigation and establishing a reputation for her unwavering dedication to justice.

Since joining Glasgow & Olsson, Sarah has demonstrated exceptional legal prowess and a commitment to her clients, achieving numerous significant milestones, including:

**Representation in Misdemeanors, Felonies, and Domestic Relations Cases:** 

Sarah has expertly navigated the complexities of various legal matters, ensuring her clients receive the best possible representation and outcomes.

**Victory in Her First Felony Trial:** 

Demonstrating her courtroom acumen, Sarah won her first felony trial, showcasing her ability to effectively advocate for her clients under the most challenging circumstances.

**Order of Protection for Client’s Family:** 

Sarah successfully litigated and secured an order of protection, safeguarding her client’s family from a persistent harasser, underscoring her dedication to protecting those in need.

  **Settlement of Financially Significant Cases:** 

Sarah has skillfully settled cases with substantial financial implications, providing her clients with favorable resolutions and peace of mind.

**Engagement in Custody Hearings and Domestic Proceedings:** 

Her expertise in custody hearings, child support issues, and dissolution of marriage proceedings has consistently resulted in positive outcomes for her clients, reflecting her deep understanding of family law.

**Representation Before Illinois Trial and Appellate Courts:** 

Sarah’s extensive experience includes representing clients before the Illinois trial and appellate courts, where she has demonstrated her adept legal strategy and advocacy.

**Contribution to the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education Manual:** 

Most recently, Sarah has successfully authored a chapter on defending DUI cases for the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education manual, further cementing her status as a thought leader in her field.

“Sarah Merkatoris embodies the qualities we value at Glasgow & Olsson: dedication, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of justice for our clients,” said Thomas Glasgow, Senior Partner. “Her impressive accomplishments and unwavering commitment to her clients make her a stellar addition to our team.”

With Sarah Merkatoris on board, Glasgow & Olsson is poised to continue delivering exceptional legal services across a broad spectrum of legal issues. We are confident that her expertise and passion for the law will significantly benefit our clients and contribute to the continued success of our firm.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with our legal team, please contact Glasgow & Olsson at (847)-577-8700 or visit our website at

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