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The Primary Benefits Of Expunging Your Criminal Record
posted on 7/9/24

A criminal record has consequences that extend beyond the penalties of the crime. Many of these consequences affect one’s ability to obtain the work they want and live the life that they wish to live.

Going over the primary benefits of expunging your criminal record and speaking with a Chicago criminal defense attorney who can help you obtain the expungement you desire will make it easier for you to resume your life.

What Does It Mean To Expunge Your Criminal Record?

To expunge your criminal record means to strike out the crimes that you were arrested or convicted of from your criminal record.

Just as an example, let’s say that you were arrested for fraud. However, you were never convicted for this crime. As a result, you can have the record of this arrest expunged.

Or, just as another example, if you were convicted of a felony, and then this conviction was reversed, vacated, or pardoned, you can have the record of this felony removed from your record.

The rules underlying expungement are complex and often unclear. Sometimes, even if you pled guilty or were found guilty, you may be able to expunge or seal a case.  By working with an attorney who has successfully obtained expungements for their other clients, you will have a much easier time expunging your record.

What Are The Primary Benefits Of Expunging Your Criminal Record?

The primary benefits of expunging your criminal record are as follows:

  • You will almost always have access to more job opportunities, as many employers are reluctant to hire those with criminal records.
  • You will be able to vote, serve on a jury, and exercise other civil rights; this is only true if your criminal record prevents you from doing so. 
  • You will have access to professional licenses – a teaching license, for example, or a license related to various legal professions – that a criminal record can prevent you from obtaining.

Every single one of the above makes it much easier for you to live the life that you wish to live.

How Can You Expunge Your Criminal Record?

The best way to expunge your criminal record is to work with a criminal defense lawyer who can help you do so.

Right before you do the above, though, you will need to obtain your criminal record. At Glasgow & Olsson, we can help you get that record.  After obtaining your criminal record, you will need to go over what you want to expunge.

You can give all of this information to your attorney. By doing so, your attorney will clarify whether or not you can expunge those charges, and assuming you can, they will help you do so.

Outside of the above, to expunge your criminal record, you will need to fill out several documents. You may also need to provide documentation that supports the expungement you are applying for.

If the process is successful, your record will be expunged. 

Get Qualified Legal Help Today

If you need help expunging your criminal record, Glasgow & Olsson is uniquely qualified to help you. 

Our team has helped thousands of people who have been charged with crimes in Illinois. When we take cases, we do so to win. This means we take cases to trial. We don’t arrange plea bargains unless it is in the best interest of our clients. As proactive lawyers, we fight aggressively and support our clients throughout their entire case, including appeals. Protecting your life and freedom is always the goal, and with our decades of experience practicing law, we know how to get results. This is why we are regularly invited to appear as a legal contributor on popular radio and news outlets, including ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and Fox NEWS.

When you need an attorney, experience matters. Speak with a Chicago criminal defense lawyer today to learn how our experience can get you the results you deserve.