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Cocaine and heroin are some of the most dangerous recreational drugs. Because they are so commonly used, people do not consider the damaging effects the drugs have on themselves and their families until it is too late. Unfortunately, by this time, the user may be facing felony drug distribution or possession charges that can significantly damage his or her personal and professional future.

At Glasgow & Olsson, in Schaumburg, Illinois, we represent people of all ages who have been charged with possession or drug distribution of cocaine, heroin and other street drugs. We provide aggressive representation that helps protect our clients' rights, freedom and futures.

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Possessing more than 5 grams of coke or heroin can be classified as a class 1 non probational felony that can result in 4-15 years in prison and several thousands of dollars in fines. Even possessing less than 5 grams is a felony with serious felony penalties ranging from 1-7 years in the penitentiary. These charges and consequences often lead to social implications such as loss of job and a damaged reputation.

However, if handled correctly, some drug crimes can go through the legal system with little impact to the accused. If you, your child or another loved one was accused of ingesting or distributing drugs, we may be able to dismiss the charge or minimize the consequences. If this was a first offense, we may file for expungement if the statutory period has ended and there were no other charges filed.

Violation of Rights

Many drug distribution cases involve a violation of 4th Amendment search and seizure rights. A person may be in his or her car or house when a police officer stops him or her and charges them with possession. An illegal search of the car or house may turn up a significant quantity of drugs. Our defense attorneys will file motions to dismiss any evidence that was obtained by violating our clients' rights. If successful, this can result in dismissal of the criminal charges.

A Note to Parents

Street drugs are too easily accessible in today’s world. Heroin is particularly dangerous because users do not fully understand the dangers of using the drug even just one time. If your son or daughter has been charged with possession, trafficking or drug distribution, please get them quality legal representation to protect their liberty and their future. Helping your child now can save his or her life.

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