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If your Illinois driver’s license has been suspended or revoked for DUI, or some other reason, you will need to petition the secretary of state for a formal or informal license reinstatement hearing. At Glasgow & Olsson, in Schaumburg, Illinois, we can guide you through this process to ensure that your case for reinstatement of your driver’s license is properly presented.

Your license is important to your life. Do not hesitate to contact a Schaumburg driver’s license reinstatement attorney today.

The Importance of an Experienced Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney

Most people who attend a driver’s license reinstatement hearing without a lawyer end up losing their case. This scenario can create lasting problems, as any subsequent hearing will take all of the findings of your first hearing into consideration. For example, if you lay a bad foundation by going into the hearing unprepared or by receiving a declination letter stating that you were minimizing, or not consistently telling the truth, it will create lasting credibility problems before the panel. Thus, to be successful, it is important to be represented by a lawyer who knows how to present the facts of your case at the initial hearing.

Prior DUI Convictions

If you do not have a prior DUI (driving under the influence) conviction, and do not have more than one prior DUI arrest, you may request an informal hearing before the secretary of state. However, if you have a prior DUI conviction or more than one DUI arrest, you must have a formal hearing before an administrative law judge. A great deal of preparation will be necessary to get ready for a formal hearing.

License Reinstatement Hearings

To be eligible for any formal or informal hearing, all of your statutory suspensions must have expired. In addition, you cannot have a failure to appear on your record, outstanding fines, or anything else in your background that could conceivably stall the proceedings. You must also have completed all prior treatment for your DUI and completed a new DUI assessment with a new provider, licensed by the Illinois secretary of state. In certain circumstances, you may have to receive alcohol treatment or provide proof of abstinence for 11 months prior to the hearing.

If you are successful at your hearing, you will receive a restricted driving permit. You will be eligible for complete reinstatement of your driver’s license after 11 months for a first conviction, and after five years for a second conviction. Additional convictions will result in longer eligibility requirements. If you have too many convictions, you can be barred from driving in the state of Illinois for life.

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We want to hear about your case to see how we can help you. Contact a Schaumburg driver’s license reinstatement attorney to schedule a your initial consultation. Please call 847.577.8700. Our firm helps clients located throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburban areas.

Attorney Thomas Glasgow tried thousands of DUI cases as both a Cook County prosecutor and as a defense attorney. He was the author and instructor for the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education course on aggravated or felony DUI for other attorneys, prosecutors, and judges.

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