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Cook County CDL DUI Lawyer

People with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are held to a higher degree of responsibility in their personal and professional lives than those with a standard vehicle license. As a result, those who are charged with driving under the influence (DUI) face serious penalties, including the loss of their license.

At Glasgow & Olsson, in Schaumburg, Illinois, we have the extensive experience needed to help protect your license, your career and your freedom. If you are a commercial driver charged with a DUI, contact our office today.

Aggressive DUI Representation

There are two issues every commercial driver should know about receiving a DUI charge. (1) Unlike in other cases, a blood alcohol content of .04 while driving a commercial vehicle can lead to a suspended license or revoked license. (2) Even if someone with a CDL is caught drunk driving in a personal vehicle, he or she will lose the CDL.

If you received a commercial driver’s DUI, we want to hear about your case to see how we can help you. Our lawyers understand that the loss of a commercial driver’s license has a greater effect than losing a regular one. Not only do you face loss of driving privileges, you also lose your means of livelihood.

We can determine whether the police had probable cause to pull you over, or whether the blood test revealed accurate results. We will vigorously represent you to minimize the effects as much as possible. If we are successful, you may receive probation and only a suspended license, if any penalties at all.

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