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Did you know that if you are arrested based on suspicion of DUI you are not required to take a breath, blood or urine test? Do you know what happens when you refuse such tests? When dealing with DUI cases, knowledge of Illinois laws is essential and Glasgow & Olsson is an experienced firm with a legal background spanning five decades. The attorneys at our firm have collectively literally tried tens of thousands of cases in almost every aspect of law and are well-equipped to handle your DUI accusation.

Our attorneys have a high degree of integrity and are knowledgeable about breath, blood and urine testing. We are skilled at challenging test results and investigating the circumstances surrounding the testing. If you are being accused of DUI and had positive test results, you need a top-rated DUI defense team on your side. Our lead attorney, Mr. Thomas Glasgow has a heart for helping clients through the most challenging times in life.

Consequences of Refusing a Breath, Blood or Urine Test

Officers may choose one or a combination of tests to determine blood alcohol content (BAC). The breath test is known as a breathalyzer and requires you to blow into it to get a reading. The blood and urine tests require biological fluid samples to measure alcohol content. Under Illinois implied consent law, when you get a driver’s license you agree to consent to a chemical test administered by a police officer if DUI is suspected. Such tests are administered after an arrest and can be used to build a case against you.

It is possible to be charged with DUI even if the test is refused. Refusal of one or more chemical tests with a DUI conviction leads to extended license suspension. The length of suspension is based on refusal of the test and whether or not you have a first-time DUI offense.

  • First DUI offense within the last five years: 6-month suspension for failure of test and 12-month suspension for refusal of test
  • Multiple DUI offenses within the last five years: 12-month suspension for failure of test and 3-year suspension for refusal of test

The intricacies of DUI laws are complex and ever-changing. Seek the experienced counsel of our firm to help you understand your rights and build a defense on your behalf. We will analyze the test results and the circumstances under which they were administered and challenge the validity of those results.

If you have a DUI charge and refused a chemical test or are facing an accusation of refusal, we can effectively represent you in court. Our lead attorney, Mr. Thomas Glasgow is a respected national lecturer on legal issues has served as a prosecutor and defender for DUI cases, giving him a unique perspective on case preparation.

Contact us to get the strong representation you need. We can advise you the moment you are stopped by the police. Se habla español. We help people across Cook, Kane and DuPage Counties. Our offices are in Schaumburg, Illinois, and we serve clients in Barrington, Geneva, Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Wheaton, and throughout Chicagoland. Please call 847.577.8700 today.

Thomas Glasgow tried thousands of DUI cases as both a Cook County prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney. He was the author and instructor for the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education course on aggravated or felony DUI for other attorneys, prosecutors, and judges.