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Elgin Weapons Charge Attorney

Armed robbery is a very serious offense in Illinois. If convicted of armed robbery, an individual may face between six and 30 years in prison, heavy fines, probation, and other serious penalties.

Glasgow & Olsson, in Schaumburg aggressively defends clients charged with armed robbery and other weapons charges. To learn how we can help you fight your charges and seek the best possible resolution to your case, contact a Schaumburg armed robbery attorney today.

Armed Robbery, Explained

The crime of robbery occurs when one individual uses force or the threat of force when taking the property of another individual. Robbery becomes armed robbery when the aggressor is armed with a dangerous weapon such as a gun or a knife. Because a weapon is involved, the penalties for armed robbery are greater than those for robbery. Armed robbery is a felony crime, and can be either classified as a state or federal offense.

Our law firm is familiar with the sentencing ranges for all theft crimes, including armed robbery. We will do everything possible to protect your rights throughout the legal process, and seek the outcome that has the least negative impact on your life. We work with a team of investigators who will fully investigate your charges and seek the evidence we need to build an effective case on your behalf.

If you have been charged with armed robbery, it is important not to talk to the police without first talking to a criminal defense lawyer. Anything you say and any information you give to authorities may be used against you.

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