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Elgin Home Invasion Lawyers

The crime of burglary involves entering a building, home or other property owned by another individual without authorization to do so, with the intent of committing a felony or theft. It is necessary for the prosecution to prove that the individual entered the property with the intent of committing a felony or theft. Simply entering someone else’s property without authorization is another type of crime.

The crime of home invasion can occur when an individual (who is not a police officer) enters another person’s home knowing that one or more people are present, and either 1) is armed with a weapon, or 2) causes an injury to any person inside the house.

At Glasgow & Olsson, we aggressively defend individuals who have been charged with residential burglary or home invasion. To talk to a Chicago burglary lawyer about your legal options, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Have you been charged with burglary or home invasion? It is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our firm can explain your legal options and help you seek the best possible resolution of your case. Our team of investigators will work to uncover favorable evidence that can be used to build a case on your behalf. We will aggressively defend you throughout all stages, including pretrial motions, trial by judge or jury, and if necessary, appeal or retrial.

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