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From kindergarten up through high school, safety threats are unfortunately common in the educational setting. Across Illinois, school officials are prompted to increase deterrents to criminal activity, including metal-detection devices, police presence, random searches, and other security measures. These policies have deterred some, but student arrests at school are still on the rise.

These matters extend further into the school system than you may expect. Beyond allegations against students, administrators, teachers, and other school staff could be affected by laws in the educational setting. School crimes defense attorney Thomas Glasgow is prepared represent your interests, no matter what your role may be in the context of the school environment.

Criminal Matters in the Educational Environment

For a teacher or administrator, unfair accusations in the area of student discipline can affect your career. As a parent or student, an arrest or conviction for criminal activity could have harsh implications for the future. Attorney Glasgow’s unique background in criminal law within the Illinois school system makes him ideally suited to represent clients in all types of cases, including:

  • Student expulsion, discipline, criminal charges, and violations of school code;
  • Claims involving educators, administrators, and institutions under the authority of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services;
  • Unlawful searches and seizures in the school setting, including what is and is not permissible;
  • School searches conducted by police K-9 units;
  • Corporal punishment and student discipline in the educational environment;
  • How the reasonable expectation of privacy applies on school grounds;
  • Charges and conduct related to special ed students;
  • Personal injury accidents and liability for teachers, administrators, the school board, and related parties;
  • School employee self-defense against student violence; and,
  • Many other actions and criminal issues in the school system.

Experience Matters When Dealing With Criminal Law in the School System

Mr. Glasgow has amassed considerable knowledge and skills throughout his career. His past and current employment positions, awards, honors, and accolades speak for themselves:

  • Adjunct Professor of Education and Leadership at Concordia University;
  • Instructor on School Law and Policies Concordia University, Graduate level course;
  • Authority in defending educators, administrators, students, and their parents against criminal charges and related violations;
  • Experience representing school districts and secondary educational institutions regarding employment law, hiring, termination, and tenure matters;
  • Admitted to practice in the State of Illinois and in the US District Court for the Northern, Southern, and Central Districts of Illinois;
  • Selected to the Illinois Super Lawyers list for his work in the area of criminal defense; and,
  • Founder member of the 10 Best Criminal Law Firms in Illinois, from the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney Who Focuses on Criminal Law in Schools

If you are a school official, educator, student, or parent and have questions about criminal law in the educational setting, please contact Glasgow & Olsson to schedule a consultation today. You can reach our Schaumburg, IL office by calling 847.577.8700 or visiting us online. Mr. Glasgow can address your concerns and prepared to represent your interests.