Marvelous Lawyer & Great Person

Working with Mr. Glasgow was a pleasure and a breeze. He is extremely professional and an expert in his work. He is not just a marvelous lawyer but also a great person who cares deeply about his clients! We were also very pleased with his staff and their promptness and professionalism.


Tom will never let you down!

Tom Glasgow is amazing. He has handled several criminal expungement and professional licensing matters for me. Each case had a great result, and I have Attorney Glasgow to thank for that. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing help in criminal law, expungements, and administrative matters. Tom will never let you down!


Tom Backs It Up

I was very upset about my case and doubting my current attorney when I contacted Tom and his firm. He took time out of his day to talk me off the ledge and helped me to see things in a clearer light and from my attorney's perspective. He spoke with me nearly 25 minutes when he didn't have to. Additionally, he called me back FIRST thing in the morning. I did not hire Glasgow & Olsson only because of Tom's honesty integrity and advice. However, based on this experience I wouldn't hesitate to refer someone to them. The fact that he advised me to stick with my current attorney instead of just taking my money tells you everything you need to know about him! They are trust worthy hardworking and Tom is very sharp and I could tell from even just a short conversation he had a ton of experience from the nuanced perspective he has on things. Very impressed with Tom. I expect his colleague to be just as exceptional. You get what you pay for in attorneys...but Tom backs it up. His knowledge of judges, other attorneys, the system in general is unmatched in all the conversations I've had with various attorneys over the years.


A Rare Find in the Criminal Law Realm

Tom is truly an outstanding attorney and a great man with integrity and tenacity....he is a rare find in the criminal law realm.

Mary M. 

Great Security Blanket

Paying my annual fee to have you on retainer is a great security blanket!

Greg F.

THE Best!

The Glasgow and Olsson office is THE best!

Jane F.

His Legal Knowledge Is Second to None

I hired Attorney Tom Glasgow to help me seal a case in DuPage County that had created a incredible burden on my life, both personally and professionally. In reality nobody knew the truth about the case or the evidence that pointed to my exoneration. That all changed when Tom Glasgow was able to present the case the Court. He carefully reviewed my case, looked at all the key evidence, and insured the Court knew the evidence too. His legal knowledge is second to none, and he is an expert in the law. After a series of hearings, the Court granted my petition to seal those records. I have Tom Glasgow to thank for that. I would certainly hire Attorney Glasgow again or refer anyone to him who is in need of legal help. Thank you so much, Tom!

B.J. S

He Is Top-Notch

Thomas Glasgow and team are a wonderful attorney team. They were swift and responsive to the cases I brought them. Even during the pandemic they were able to keep me informed. I would recommend them to anybody who might be dealing with issues with the law or anything in terms of that. If I could give him 10 stars I definitely would. He is top-notch and his associates are the best too!


Tom & Stephanie Are An Amazing Team

Tom is an amazing attorney and so attentive to smallest details as well as the big problems.  He and Stephanie are an amazing team.  Your whole office does good work.  Thank you!


Removed The Stress and Anxiety

Very professional and personable! Exceeded my expectations on the overall outcome of my case. I was very pleased with my representation. Removed the stress and anxiety from the formal process. Reassuring and straight forward the entire way from start to finish. 10/10 would recommend to friends and family for potential future representation.

Ryan H.