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People often ask the question, “Why do I need to pay a DUI lawyer when I get a DUI?”

Do I Pay a DUI Lawyer or Handle My DUI Myself?

Many people equate a DUI with a simple traffic ticket, however, nothing could be further from the truth. DUIs are complex, and have far-reaching consequences on you, your employment, and even your liberty.

Laws and state rules and regulations impacting drivers can be far reaching. Having your attorney guide you through the steps so you are able to continue working and provide for your family can make the painful process much easier and less stressful. From advice and representation surrounding DMV or court actions and appearances to which Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device or BAIID (also known as an IID in many states) provider to use, your attorney can help you avoid inconvenient, embarrassing and sometimes career-ending issues.

Ask yourself these questions if you’re still wondering if you should pay a DUI lawyer for their services.
• Do I know the criminal penalties for my DUI?
• What could happen to my driver’s license?
• Can I drive after I get a DUI? What could happen to my professional license?
• Are there additional penalties or enhancements, which would cause me to lose my ability to drive for an even longer period?
• Could I possibly go to jail?
• Which Ignition Interlock provider should I use?
• Which provider has the best customer service and track record?
• Which provider works closely with my attorney?
• Which provider has the best pricing and locations?

All of these are questions to which a DUI arrest will lead you. Your attorney knows these and the answers. They are the answers that help you make the best decisions for getting on the road again quickly, legally and safely.

Most people would not attempt to perform surgery on themselves. They have never done it before and would likely make a life-altering mistake. If they have health problems, they seek out the most experienced professional they can get to receive the best possible health result.

Hire a Professional DUI Lawyer

An experienced DUI attorney can help you get the best possible legal result. Much like each patient is different, each legal situation is different and requires time and effort to examine the options available for the client. This is what we, as experienced DUI lawyers, train for.  DUIs are not a ‘one size fits all.’ A strategy that may result in a not guilty for one client may be of no help at all to another.

Getting a DUI is Not Simple, But Hiring the Right Help is

Fear of the unknown is a big issue for my clients. While our firm has handled over 5,000 DUIs, this is your first, and hopefully your last, DUI. Walking you through the stages can be as complex as putting together accident reconstruction expert testimony, or as seemingly simple as helping you pick out which Ignition Interlock company works best for you.

Clients routinely come into my office asking if what was done in their last DUI can now be undone. The answer is sadly no.  The clients consistently lament the fact they didn’t hire a competent, experienced DUI lawyer to handle their case. I then have the unfortunate task of telling them how their choices now have damaged their future.

No Lapse in Driving Privileges Because of Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices

In prior years in Illinois, there was a one-month period during a first-time DUI case which the driver was not allowed to operate a motor vehicle. This was a mandatory part of the statutory summary suspension. However, this has changed for example.

One of the most important attributes of the new first-time DUI law is that there is no lapse in driving privileges if the proper steps are taken.  The law allows an almost seamless transition from driving unrestricted to driving during a DUI statutory summary suspension. However, the guidance of an attorney is key in getting this seamless transition accomplished.

To pay a DUI lawyer with experience to help you through your DUI makes sense. You don’t want to do this on your own because, much like doing surgery yourself, you’re likely to make a life-altering mistake that could haunt you for years to come.