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Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering
posted on 10/24/23

Sometimes, when a person is in a pinch for money or when the economy is not at its best, they will look for creative ways to find financial relief. Even if the initial motivation is to search for legal ways to obtain much-needed funds, a desperate person can turn to other methods of getting the money they need that may not be lawful.

In a recent Illinois federal criminal case, Daniel Oluwatoki Kuye was convicted, along with other persons, were accused of attempting to launder up to $1,500,000 obtained from internet schemes. Read on to learn more about Daniel Kuye’s story.

What He Did

Kuye practiced romance fraud and email schemes. Kuye, along with others, committed fraud by using the internet and instructing fraud victims to send money to himself and the other individuals who were helping him.

Kuye served as a person termed a Money Mule. Money Mules receive money from illegal schemes and funnel those funds to other individuals who engage in wrongdoing. Money Mules typically open bank accounts in their names to receive illicit funds, setting themselves up as middlemen. Since Kuye knew he made a serious mistake, to make right his wrongs, he confessed to money laundering.  

Prison Time

Kuye entered a guilty plea to one count of Conspiracy to commit money laundering; that crime could mean up to 20 years in federal prison.

Why the Conspiracy Charge is Significant in This Case

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers says that, Legally, a Conspiracy exists when two or more persons join together and form an agreement to violate the law and then act on that agreement. The crime of Conspiracy was created to address the inherent dangers posed to society when people come together and join forces to commit criminal acts.

A Conspiracy Occurs When:

  1. There are two or more persons.
  2. They act intentionally.
  3. They make an agreement.
  4. The agreement is to break the law.
  5. They act on the agreement.

The Conspiracy does not necessarily occur until the parties have actually acted on the agreement. Interestingly, if the parties make an agreement to break the law and the agreement entails an act that does not break the law–like opening a checking account–that can be enough to prove that the agreement was acted upon, and therefore, conspiracy statutes can be invoked.

Consult an Expert Attorney

Bad things can happen to good people, and good people can commit illegal acts. Anyone can be vulnerable to making a bad decision in a time of need, especially if that need is money. When it comes to conspiracy laws, these can be very tricky.

If you have engaged in any criminal activity and are worried about the consequences, do not hesitate to seek qualified legal help. If you need representation for a criminal charge in Cook County, Glasgow & Olsson is uniquely qualified to offer assistance. When you need an attorney, experience matters, contact a competent and skilled attorney at Glasgow & Olsson today to learn how our legal team can get you the results you deserve.