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Protecting Your Innocence If You’ve Been Charged With A DUI On Super Bowl Sunday
posted on 2/11/24

Just for the sake of this example, imagine that you live in Lake Forest and are driving home. You just left a Super Bowl party, and while you didn’t drink too much, you did have a few drinks.

You are on the road for about twenty minutes, with another twenty minutes to go. And, as you get closer and closer to home, you see a police car pull up and then order you to stop.

The police officer asks you to take a test so that your blood alcohol levels can be determined. You consent to this test and learn that your blood alcohol level is exactly .08.

You are charged with a DUI as a result of this blood test. The penalties for this DUI charge are significant – your license will be suspended for a year, and you might spend time in jail, among other potential charges – even though you are not a criminal and certainly didn’t intend to break the law.

Going over what you should do if you have been charged with a DUI and contacting a Chicago DUI attorney at Glasgow & Olsson can help you protect your innocence.

How Can You Protect Your Innocence If You’ve Been Charged With A DUI On Super Bowl Sunday?

Right away, the first thing you must do is contact an attorney. Doing so will allow you to build an effective defense for yourself, which will allow you to safeguard your interests.

Outside of that, you must go over your DUI arrest. Some of the facts you must clarify are as follows:

  • The exact DUI test – or tests – you took.
  • Where the tests took place.
  • What the officer said to you.
  • The ways in which these tests took place.

Every single one of these will be used to build a defense that contests the grounds for your DUI charge.

You must clarify this information with your attorney so that they can build the defense. And then, when you go to court, your attorney can present your defense so that you can obtain the outcome you deserve.

How Will The Facts Of Your DUI Arrest Be Used To Contest Your DUI Charge?

The answer to the question outlined above is dependent on the facts of your DUI arrest.

Just as an example, if you were given a blood test, then your attorney may contest this blood test due to it being administered improperly.

On the other hand, if you were given a DUI due to a field sobriety test, then your attorney may contest the validity of that test and the way in which it was administered.

The exact defense that will be employed is dependent on the facts of your case. But rest assured, the proper defense will be used, and you will obtain the legal outcome you deserve.

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If you need representation for a DUI charge in the state of Illinois, Thomas Glasgow has been recognized statewide as an authority on DUI law and is uniquely qualified to help.

When you need an attorney, experience matters. 

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