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The Best Way To NOT Get A DUI On Super Bowl Sunday
posted on 2/6/24

Close your eyes and imagine this scenario: it’s late at night, and Super Bowl Sunday is about to end. You are driving through Lake Forest, just a few minutes from home, and before you can reach the final stretch, you see a cop car.

The siren of that cop car activates for a moment, and you pull over. You are asked to conduct a field sobriety test, and you consent to do so. But unfortunately, the test does not go well, and, as a result, you are arrested and charged with a DUI.

Going over what you can do in this scenario to NOT get a DUI on Super Bowl Sunday, what you should do if you have already been in this scenario, and speaking with an attorney will allow you to protect your innocence.

What is the best way not to get a DUI on Super Bowl Sunday?

The best way to NOT get a DUI on Super Bowl Sunday is to not drive home after consuming any amount of alcohol.

Some of the best ways to achieve the above are as follows:

  • Select a designated driver who can drive you home.
  • Use a taxi app, such as Uber or Lyft.
  • Go to a hotel and stay there until the morning.
  • Stay overnight at your friend’s home.
  • If you can, walk home, assuming it isn’t too far.

Every single one of these options can and will prevent you from being pulled over and arrested for a DUI on Super Bowl Sunday.

On the other hand, though, if you have already been arrested, then there are a few options that you must consider and, depending on your situation, act upon.

If You Were Arrested For A DUI On Super Bowl Sunday, What Should You Do?

Right away, the first thing you must do is contact an attorney who is experienced in DUI defense.

Soon after you do that, you will need to clarify the facts of your case, specifically, what led to the DUI charge, such as the tests you were asked to conduct and the results of those tests.

If you can think of any other pertinent information, then that should be shared, too.

No matter the information you share, it will all be used to craft an effective defense that protects your innocence.

Just as an example, if you took a field sobriety test, and this was used to support a DUI charge, then it can be argued that the test was conducted improperly, and the officer wasn’t trained to conduct such a test.

If the facts support the above, then it is very likely that your DUI charge will be thrown out.

On the other hand, if the above isn’t true, but there were other factors in the case – the weather was poor, for example – then these factors can be clarified and used as an argument to dispute the DUI you have been charged with.

You are not a criminal, but in order for you to obtain the legal outcome that supports your innocence, you must contact an attorney.

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