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3 Key Defenses For A Federal Conspiracy Charge
posted on 2/18/24

A federal conspiracy charge is very serious. But, even if you have been hit with a federal conspiracy charge, there are three key defenses that you and your Hoffman Estates federal criminal defense attorney at Glasgow & Olsson can and should use to protect your innocence.

What Is A Federal Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal act. And, then, in order for a conspiracy to be considered a conspiracy, there must be an overt act that furthers this agreement to commit this act.

Given the definition outlined right above, a federal conspiracy is much the same. But, this time, a federal conspiracy is specifically when two or more people agree to defraud the United States or any agency thereof while also taking an action that furthers their agreement to do so.

Just as an example of the above, if two people agree to defraud a federal bank but never do anything to further this conspiracy, then they cannot be charged with a federal conspiracy.

On the other hand, if those two people agree to defraud a federal bank and then take action that will allow them to do so, they can be charged with a federal conspiracy.

What Are The Consequences Of A Federal Conspiracy Charge?

A variety of consequences can arise from a federal conspiracy. Some of the most notable of these consequences are as follows:

  • A period of five years in prison or more if you receive the penalty for that crime, as opposed to the penalty for conducting a federal conspiracy.
  • A significant fine pertains to the conspiracy that was developed; this is often based on the profit or loss that the conspiracy led to.

Outside of that, a wide variety of other consequences can and often do apply. Many of these consequences are dependent on the actual conspiracy that was undertaken, as well as just how easy it is to prove that you committed the crimes you were accused of. Often, though, despite an underlying crime that may have been committed, conspiracy is usually always charged because this tends to be much easier to prove than the actual underlying offense itself.

Just as an example of the above, if the two people mentioned earlier did, in fact, defraud a federal bank, then they will likely be charged with a federal conspiracy to defraud, as well as the actual crime of defrauding the bank. The underlying crime here is defrauding the bank. The conspiracy was the agreement by two people to commit the act of defrauding the bank.

No matter the exact consequences, perhaps only conspiracy is charged and not the underlying crime; a federal conspiracy charge is very serious. For this reason, it is important that you speak with an attorney so that you can protect your innocence and prove to the court that you are not a criminal and that you do not deserve criminal charges.

What Are The 3 Key Defenses For A Federal Conspiracy Charge?

The three key defenses for a federal conspiracy charge are as follows:

  • You never actually agreed to commit a conspiracy, and, as such, you were never directly involved in a conspiracy of any sort.
  • You never had any genuine intent to follow through with the conspiracy you agreed to, and, in turn, you never took any actions intended to further this conspiracy.
  • You never took any action meant to further this conspiracy, and for this very reason, your conspiracy never got off the ground and cannot be considered a conspiracy.

You are not a criminal, and these defenses will allow you to uphold your innocence.

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