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Elgin Marijuana Trafficking Charge Lawyer

Many people associate drug trafficking charges with being a mid to high-level drug dealer. However, you can be charged with drug trafficking based on having a relatively small amount of drugs in your possession. In fact, you could be charged with conspiracy to commit drug trafficking—a charge that carries similar penalties—without having any drugs in your possession at all. At Glasgow & Olsson in Schaumburg, Illinois, our lawyers have the experience to help you meet the challenges of an arrest on drug trafficking or conspiracy charges.

If you are arrested with five grams or more of cocaine in your possession, you can be charged with intent to sell. Intent to sell is a Class 1 felony subject to a minimum of four years in prison. If you are arrested with more than 15 grams of cocaine in your possession, you can be charged with a Class X felony, which subjects you to a minimum of 6 years in prison. Moreover, you may even face life imprisonment on a drug charge under the Illinois Habitual Criminals Statute or, three-strikes law, which dictates that you can go to prison for the rest of your life if you have two Class X convictions on your record and receive a third Class X conviction.

Drug trafficking is usually charged as a federal crime and is often paired with conspiracy charges. Conspiracy accuses you of actively planning with one or more persons to commit a crime. In fact, prosecutors do not have to prove that you actually sold drugs or that a crime was even committed. All they have to show is that two or more people came together and planned to commit a crime. Police often use wiretaps to collect evidence for conspiracy charges.

At Glasgow & Olsson, we will aggressively defend drug trafficking charges, and have been successful in many cases by challenging the validity of any search and seizure. We have also successfully challenged the elements of conspiracy charges and generally handle all types of drug charges, including sale of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth, ecstasy, and fraudulent prescriptions such as Oxycontyn.

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Prior to becoming a defense attorney, Thomas Glasgow prosecuted multi-kilo felony narcotic cases in the Circuit Court of Cook County brought by the DEA, ATF, Chicago Police Department, and the Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Cook County.