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In Illinois, if you possess certain amounts of drugs at the time of your arrest, you are considered a drug trafficker. The law office of Glasgow & Olsson. is a firm with aggressive drug crime and drug trafficking defense experience. If you have been charged with the manufacture and delivery of drugs, choose a legal team with successful courtroom experience arguing drug-related cases.

We handle all types of drug charges including sale of controlled substances and fraudulent prescriptions. Some common drug charges involve:

Understanding Drug Manufacture and Delivery Charges

Under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, a person can be charged with manufacturing a drug if they are involved directly or indirectly with:

  • Producing a controlled substance
  • Preparing a controlled substance
  • Circulating a controlled substance
  • Compounding a controlled substance
  • Converting a controlled substance
  • Processing a controlled substance
  • Packaging or repackaging of a controlled substance

These activities can be through natural or chemical means or a combination of both. The important thing to remember is that if you engage in such activities and have not been authorized to do so, you are likely to be charged with the manufacture of drugs.

Delivery means that you have enough to sell to others. Proof of delivery can be based upon the amount of drugs in your possession at the time of arrest. For example, possessing more than five grams of cocaine may appear as having intent to sell because it is less likely that one person would use that amount. There are no exact rules to the amounts, though. You can still be charged with intent to sell for a lesser amount, especially if the drugs are accompanied by other paraphernalia such as plastic bags and labels.

Defending Against Drug Trafficking Charges

We have several strategies for defense when representing our clients. We will build our defense on the unique circumstances of your case and we will consider:

  • The procedures used during the arrest
  • The constitutionality of the search
  • Location of the controlled substance
  • Other people involved
  • Knowledge of existence of the controlled substance

You may be in a tough situation, but you are not without help. We will challenge every charge and mount a strong defense to seek the best possible outcome for your situation. We will attack the foundation of the evidence against you to lessen or dismiss charges. We will help you protect your future.

If you have been charged with the manufacture and delivery of drugs, contact us immediately to discuss your situation.  We want to hear about your case to see how we can help. Se habla español. We help people across Cook, Kane and DuPage Counties. Our offices are in Schaumburg, Illinois, and we serve clients in Barrington, Geneva, Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Wheaton, and throughout Chicagoland. Please call 847.577.8700 today.

Thomas Glasgow tried thousands of DUI cases as both a Cook County prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney. He was the author and instructor for the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education course on aggravated or felony DUI for other attorneys, prosecutors, and judges.